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Thank you for visiting us at the IANDS conference. As a gift to you, the link on this page includes a special discount for a personal spirit mentoring session with Vinney.

Vinney’s experience has gifted him with an increased spiritual awareness and a keen “spiritual ear” for advice and insight from God and the guides that God has assigned to assist us. He has also mastered valuable tools to help you create a powerful personal transformation.

People typically seek out Vinney when they need to find solutions to life problems, or when they are ready to grow and expand their life in powerful ways. Many clients have discovered that working with Vinney on a regular basis helps them to magnify their life beyond their expectations.

Benefits that you can gain from a mentoring session with Vinney include help to:

  • Clarify your vision for your life
  • Master your gifts, talents, and energy to help yourself and the world
  • Be more present for your family and life
  • Release past traumas
  • Reach, stretch, and grow beyond your comfort zone
  • Increase your natural healing
  • Be empowered to overcome addictions
  • Gain a more spiritual perspective on your current experience
  • Create solutions to be a better you
  • Discover hope, and share it with others
  • Change your perceptions to change your world
  • Discuss anything that is on your mind or hindering your growth

As a special gift to you, you can get $50 off when you schedule a session with Vinney. This offer is only available until September 30, 2023.

Schedule your session with Vinney now to begin your growth and transformation into your best self.

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